Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Longest Day

Now that we have some downtime, I can finally give the rundown of the whole birth experience.

We were scheduled for an induction at 9am on Monday. But starting at around 1am Sandra started to get contractions that were around 20 minutes apart, and then at about 3am they were closer to 4 minutes apart, so it was time to get going to the hospital.

Once we got there, we were all checked in, and hooked up to the monitors. Sandra's contractions started to space out a little more, so they broke her water and started giving her medicine to hasten the labor.

About an hour into the labor, she was able to get the epidural, and went from a lot of painful contractions to watching them on the monitor and saying 'wow, that one looked big.'

When it got to about 2pm, she was finally fully dialated and could start to push. The baby got to a point where they could see her hair, but she wasn't moving down anymore. The doctor recommended a c-section at this point, as to not wait to a point where the baby or mother was in any distress. After a quick change into scrubs for me, and preparation for surgery for Sandra, we were off to the OR.

When I got to the OR, Sandra was already on the table with a screen just below her neck, so I couldn't see what was going on. I tried to peek a few times, but the nurse chided me, afraid I would pass out if because of the blood. The surgery didn't take that long before I could hear Corrina crying. It looked like the reason she wasn't moving any further was just because she was too big. She weighed in at 8 pounds, 12 ounces. With Sandra being pretty small, this was a little more than her body could handle. She was born at 3:39pm on 1/21/2008.

After they finished up the surgery, Sandra went to post-op, and I took her mom up to the nursery to see our new kid.

Later that night around 7pm, Sandra was still bleeding a lot, and after consulting a few nurses and doctors, they determined that she had some blood clots still in her uterus, and that was causing the excessive bleeding. Coupled with this, she had lost more than the usual amount of blood in surgery, Sandra was pretty tired, pale, and dizzy. They were able to take care of the clots with some medicine and some manual intervention (I won't go into too much detail here, but manual is the key word). Everything seemed better at this point since the bleeding was under control.

Then, around 1am, Sandra started to feel heaviness in her chest. They decided to do an EKG, to see that because of the low blood volume, that her heart was doing a lot more work than usual. They proposed doing a blood transfusion, but Sandra was hesitant, because she was scared of potential disease risks, but after urging from the staff she decided to go ahead, and very quickly responded, regaining her color and feeling a lot better.

She has been recovering since then, and has done very well. She is now free of all tubes and monitors, and just letting her body do the work of healing. Throughout all of this, Corrina has been great, not too fussy, just letting us know when something needs some attention.

Thanks again to everyone for all the well-wishes, we hope to be back home on Thursday, and then after that get a chance to see everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Sandra. Corrina looks so cute! The best thing in your life has arrived!