Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chicago - July 2008

We got back from Chicago recently, and have a bunch of pictures (so many that my memory card was full on the last day, and I was furiously deleting blurry images directly from the camera to free up room). The whole set is on Flickr



Around Chicago


Angela said...

Glad to see you guys got back safely. It was awesome seeing you and Corrina! What a cutie! Hopefully Sandra and I can meet next time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for missing you this time. I needed to see some friends in chicago and my shedule is all full. Hope to see you next time too


Aunt Grace said...


So glad you made it back safe and sound. We had such a great time. Corrina is such a doll. She is officially known as Grandma Janes "China Doll", which is a very high honor after some of the nicknames we share...Right Dan??? Anyway, We just all love her and miss her here in Chicago (oh yeah we miss you guys too). She is a beautiful addition to our family. Thank you guys so much for coming!!! Love & kisses, Aunt Grace P.S. Thanks for the pictures!!xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

To aunt grace:
Thank you for arranging the family reunion. We will definitely bring corrina back often to chicago to see all of you.