Saturday, April 25, 2009

Corrina in China, vol. 15 - The First Week

Hard to believe that we've already been in China for a week now. Corrina had a fever shortly after us getting here which made the first few nights that much harder.

We were kinda worried about Corrina always needing to stick to her grandmother's side, but after a few days, including a day out with just Sandra and I today, she seemed fine.. so I think the extended time here to get the transition of primary caregivers will be good for her.


Lulu said...

She is the cutest baby. Cannot wait for you to bring her back. Do you need pick up at the airport?

sandra shi said...

thanks. We will take the cab back home. Plus it is inconveient for you to rent a car.

Angela said...

Beautiful pictures... I'm so glad you are all reunited!