Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another Hospital Trip

Yesterday we made our second trip to Children's Hospital with Corrina. On Thursday night we noticed some yellow stuff in the corner of her eye, but we thought it might have just been some eye goop, but kept an eye on it. Yesterday, though, it was coming out of both eyes when we picked her up from daycare. We gave a call to her doctor, and he pretty unambiguously said "you should go to the hospital now" because she was also running a fever, which we found out was around 102 when we got there.

Now, to say Corrina doesn't like doctors is quite the understatement. She freaked out any time anyone got near her, to the point where she threw up when the doctor was actually examining her (this is not the first time this has happened, either.) However, as soon as we even got into the parking garage, she quieted down. The diagnosis was that she had some kind of viral infection, the doctor gave us some eye drops that we need to use for the next week.

Already today she seems better, though. The eye discharge hasn't reappeared and her fever is pretty much gone. So, hopefully she's on the way to recovery, but we've found that her fevers really come on quickly, so we're keeping a close eye on her.


Saturday, June 13, 2009


We went over to Pat's new house in VA today for a BBQ. Corrina got to play around with his son, PJ. More photos are available on Flickr.




Wednesday, June 10, 2009

corrina到新的幼儿园已经2周半了, 现在情况变的越来越好。每天下午她爸爸来接她的时候, 她已经不哭了(尽管早上送她去的时候,她还是嚎啕大哭)。 在sophia阿姨的建议下, 我们每天睡觉前给她讲15分钟的故事, 意想不到的时候现在讲完故事只要和她说一生晚安,她就乖乖地躺在小床里睡觉了, 再也不象以前那样站在床边上哭个10分钟。现在晚饭吃的也不错,最近的几顿都吃的又快又多。 今天特地做了干贝,火腿, 虾仁,青菜粥给她, 她很喜欢, 吃了不少。 说到火腿, 发现现在只要通过淘宝的EMS服务就可以寄到美国来, 寄费一般是原价的4折,最主要的是寄肉类食品不容易被查。 我给自己买了一大堆吃的,火腿, 干贝, 猪肉铺,牛肉干, 鸭舌。。。。,4天就收到了。

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Daycare Update

Corrina is on her 3rd week in the new daycare and it seems that she is getting a lot better and adjusting to being around more people more often. I think her new daycare provider, Sophia, has really helped her out getting comfortable with other kids. When she first started daycare, she was hysterical about even going to the library, but now she goes and freely plays with the other kids. It's great for Corrina (and us) that she is able to have a daycare provider that is patient and understands that she just needed some extra attention and care to warm up to being around people she wasn't already familiar with.

This past weekend we spent a lot of time outside the house, even going to the playground at the mall, and Corrina had no problems at all and was just able to enjoy running and around and playing.

Here are some pictures that Corrina's daycare provider sent along from last week..