Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Daycare Update

Corrina is on her 3rd week in the new daycare and it seems that she is getting a lot better and adjusting to being around more people more often. I think her new daycare provider, Sophia, has really helped her out getting comfortable with other kids. When she first started daycare, she was hysterical about even going to the library, but now she goes and freely plays with the other kids. It's great for Corrina (and us) that she is able to have a daycare provider that is patient and understands that she just needed some extra attention and care to warm up to being around people she wasn't already familiar with.

This past weekend we spent a lot of time outside the house, even going to the playground at the mall, and Corrina had no problems at all and was just able to enjoy running and around and playing.

Here are some pictures that Corrina's daycare provider sent along from last week..

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